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Face First Media is a specialised outdoor advertising company with over a decade’s specialised expertise in the outdoor advertising industry. We are currently one of the biggest outdoor media owners in South Africa when it comes to well-placed sites. Our objective is to make your business more visible and accessible to your potential client base within your target market. Our unique and extensive property inventory that comprises over 160 premium advertising sites which are strategically located in highly sought-after locations across the most prominent areas of Gauteng and KwaZulu-Natal enables us to promote your brand in a versatile variety of locations.

Renowned for our expert insights, tactical abilities, personalized service and well established media relationships, we provide the perfect balance of strategically targeted sites and extensive exposure to help you to effectively increase your brand visibility. With eye-catching design, innovative concepts and advanced advertising principles we create outdoor advertising that is simply impossible to ignore. We are the experts you need to provide a great balance between highly targeted sights and clever design to optimise your brand visibility.

Do you know or have a potential client, business, brand or company looking for a billboard or any form of outdoor advertising? Contact us and we will gladly discuss and action these leads in a mutual beneficial way.

Are you a media owner? Do you own any billboard sites, council approvals or inventory you want to market or potentially sell? Contact us, as we are always on the look out to strategically grow our holding of sites.

Because we are one of the largest site owners in South Africa when it comes to outdoor media exposure, we are able to provide our clients with custom designed and strategically well-positioned outdoor advertising. We are therefore able to relocate and rotate advertising campaigns across a variety of highly visible sites across the country. Our strong relationships with high profile media agencies enable us to fully harness your outdoor display power.



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