6 Important Factors That
Impact The Effectiveness
Of Your Billboard Advertising

6 Important Factors That Impact The Effectiveness Of Your Billboard Advertising

We all know that billboards have formed a major part of advertising for more than a century now. But how do you maximise the impact of your outdoor advertising company and prevent your potential customers of becoming bored? There are some important factors that influence how effective you billboard advertising is, and if you follow certain guidelines, you can vastly improve the take-up of your advertising by people who see it.

  1. Billboard characteristics: Height, width and positioning make a huge difference. It has been proven that if the board is too high or set too low, the view of the contents of the board is poor. This is especially true in high traffic areas where there are many other advertisements competing for attention. Large boards placed too close to the traffic area cannot be taken in entirely as it takes the eye away from the road too long, and the message becomes diluted. Smaller boards also have to be positioned carefully in order to stand out over other boards in the area so that potential customers can perceive them effectively. The width of the board is also important – this has to be calibrated according to the placement and the surroundings for optimal visibility.
  2. Setback: The distance of the billboard is called the setback, and this should be maximised according to the amount of traffic that uses that particular route. Studies show that the typical driver only possesses a 20 degree horizontal view range while driving, and therefore the setback should be further from the road in order to let people notice it from further away.
  3. Angle: This is not always calculated as a factor but it can make a huge difference to the visibility of the billboard. The board has to be positioned at a specific angle in relation to the traffic. Billboards that are placed horizontally to the road are less likely to be noticed, but those placed at an angle or directly facing oncoming traffic are more visible overall.
  4. Lighting: While it may cost extra, it is well worth investing in great lighting to illuminate the board during the night and also during dark or rainy days to increase visibility.
  5. Text: There are many factors that involve the type of fonts used, the size of the characters and the number of words used on a billboard. Experts reckon that no more than seven words should be used in addition to the logo, but this can vary according to design. The size of the letters is important because the bigger the letter, the better the legibility distance. This means your customers can read the text from further away.
  6. Word lengths: Less is more. Keep words short and don’t use complicated language. Your message should come in quickly and clearly!

There are many other factors that may affect your display power when using outdoor advertising. Give our team at Face First Media a call to find out more about how we can help you to boost your outdoor display power with clever design and modern billboards!