Are 3D Billboards The Future Of Advertising?

Billboard advertising has been exceptionally popular for decades and is a highly effective tool that allows you to capture the attention of thousands of people. 

In recent years we have seen adaptations and technological improvements of the traditional printed billboard, with digital billboards increasing in popularity. But most recently, a new billboard phenomenon has been introduced and quite possibly holds the future of advertising: 3D billboards!

What Are 3D Billboards?

3D billboards incorporate some of the latest technology to create a three dimensional, often moving projection as a form of advertisement. 3D billboards are quite expensive to keep running, but through innovations and adaptations, these billboards should soon be more accessible to smaller businesses who do not have the advertising budgets of multi-million rand corporations.

What Can 3D Billboards Do?

The main appeal of 3D billboards is that they are able to create a highly realistic image as depth is created by using two different images that have been captured from two different perspectives. If you have never seen a 3D billboard in person before, you will undoubtedly be captivated ‒ even if the product being advertised is not exactly your cup of tea. They give visual pleasure and excitement to the viewer that few advertising methods have done before.

Can 3D Billboards Be Used To Advertise Any Product?

Viewers tend to respond best to 3D advertisements that have beauty and are aesthetically pleasing. Popular 3D billboard adverts have included natural imagery such as waterfalls, whales, cats and other animals. But if you work with the right advertising team, you can come up with an effective 3D component that will have an impressive impact, no matter what your product or service is.

Are 3D Billboards Available In South Africa?

3D billboards in South Africa are still very new and we do not have nearly as many as places like America, Japan and Europe. However, the technology is slowly being adopted, and we are excited to see what South African graphic designers can come up with for 3D billboard designs.

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