Billboard Advertising:
The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

Are you considering the pros and cons of billboard advertising before launching your very own digital billboard campaign in Johannesburg? This article will help you make this critical decision as we explore the advantages and disadvantages of his highly talked about method of outdoor advertising.

Advantages Of Billboard Advertising 

  • Highly Visible

With billboard advertising, you have the reassurance that high volumes of people will drive, walk or cycle past your advert every day, and maybe even several times in one day. This means no wasted ad spend and higher chances of conversions after repeated brand exposure.

  • Visual Impact

Images have a much larger impact than long paragraphs of text. With great pictures on static billboards or moving images on digital billboards, there is a much higher chance of audiences remembering your advert and the information communicated therein.

  • Potential Quick Sales

Billboards with quick, powerful messages that speak to consumers’ needs have the potential to lead to impulse buys. A motorist who sees your ad for a new lunch meal is likely to buy that meal when he passes your restaurant, just as someone who needs a new cell phone is likely to consider your deal after driving past your billboard.

Disadvantages Of Billboard Advertising 

  • Limited Exposure Time

Since motorists are in motion, unless they are stuck in heavy traffic near your billboard, they will have just a few seconds in which to take in your advert. Hence, only ads with minimal text and high-impact phrases and images will be seen in their entirety. 

  • Hard To Reach Specific Audience

It’s not that easy to target specific demographics with billboard advertising, which means that it’s inevitable that your ad will be viewed by some people who have no interest in your offering. However, you can still reach an audience that is geographically relevant to what you are advertising.

  • Subject To The Elements

In rainy or stormy weather, there will be limited visibility for motorists, and your advert may not be viewed optimally on days like these. Vandalism and large trucks could also obstruct the view for passing motorists, so these issues must be accounted for.

Fortunately, there’s no ugly side to billboard advertising since it’s all about good looks! Get the most out of your billboard advertising by contacting Face First Media. We’ll help you get more of the pros and advise against the cons for optimum business growth.