Choosing A Billboard Supplier for
Your Outdoor
Advertising Campaign

Choosing suppliers or vendors always must be done with utmost care and attention. Different businesses have different needs, and it is important that the chosen suppliers can understand the specific requirements of their clients and be able to provide what the business needs. Choosing a billboard supplier is no different. It is vital that the specific objectives of the outdoor campaign are understood and that the right product is delivered. Here we provide you with some steps when choosing an outdoor advertising company for your billboard campaign.


  1. Understand your needs and budget: Any company embarking on a marketing campaign need to draw as much value as possible from the money it is spending. This means that the company leaders need to have a firm grip on what the objectives of the campaign are, what they hope to achieve, and how much money they have available for the campaign. Once this is understood, it narrows down the list of suitable outdoor advertising suppliers.
  2. Conduct thorough research: There are a lot of billboard suppliers out there, and it is not as easy as just choosing the top five listings on Google. More in-depth knowledge is required. For instance, check out their websites and client lists, the areas they have billboards, the type of advertising they typically do, and whether they can show return on the investment. Keep it local as far as possible because this will make it a lot easier to have meetings and communicate better. Look out for billboards that are similar to what is needed for the campaign and target those companies first.
  3. Shortlist and meet: Choose at least three companies that look suitable for the campaign. Make a checklist of what is needed, and in order of priority. This will make it easier to compare the companies for suitability. Organise meetings with the shortlisted companies and discuss your needs and ask for a pitch or a follow-up discussion about the campaign. This meeting should indicate location, design, size and cost.
  4. Choose the most suitable: Once all the shortlisted companies have been briefed and given feedback or completed their pitches, compare them on the checklist. Ensure that there are no extra costs included in their quotes. If unsure, ask for another meeting to discuss the project in more detail. It will make it a lot easier to make a more informed decision about which supplier will suit the company needs the best.
  5. Sign a contract or service level agreement: Ensure that all relevant paperwork is in place before going ahead with the campaign. This agreement should include all the aspects of the campaign such as location, duration, design, printing and cost. Once this has been done you can carry on with your campaign.


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