Creativity Is Key
with Outdoor Advertising

Out-of-Home (OOH) advertising has been around for many years and has not only gone from strength to strength but is set to overtake newspaper ad sales in 2020.

Why Does OOH Still Work?

OOH advertising remains one of the most popular advertising types mainly because of its effectiveness and ability to adapt. The growth of digital media was seen as a threat to OOH advertising but in fact, it has made OOH advertising even more effective.


OOH advertising drives consumers online due to social media and people’s immediate interaction and reaction to their environment. This means consumers are taking photos and making videos of outdoor advertising and posting it online resulting in greater reach for brands.


What Makes OOH Different?

With OOH advertising it can be much harder to compel engagement from consumers. But if it does work it can have a lasting and large impact. Consumers do take notice of massive static and digital displays. As it is a fixed medium it is not easily ignored.


Creativity Is Key

Advertisers have the opportunity to create unique, flexible and responsive campaigns. OOH advertising in a way forces advertisers to get creative. Elements such as big white backgrounds, too much copy, the wrong font, a boring message can all contribute to an OOH advertisement not getting the necessary attention.


OOH advertising needs to be creative and in order to catch consumers’ eye in order to draw them in and put them into action. The evolvement of technology regarding OOH advertising also means more ways to be creative seeing that these forms of advertising can be changed in seconds and can be adapted to individual consumers in order to catch their attention.


OOH advertising campaigns are integrating more and more with mobile, digital channels, social media and television and in fact helping to fuel the growth of these mediums. There has been an increase in omnichannel campaigns to reach multiple audiences and this is very efficient as it ensures consistency across all mediums.


Omnichannel campaigns also make it possible to take creativity to the next level seeing that different messages can be communicated on the different platforms which in the end ties everything together. OOH advertising in an omnichannel campaign is only one of the mediums used but can be as creative as possible seeing that it only communicates one part of the total message being conveyed with the campaign.