Digital Billboards: Discover Their Wonders

Marketing is a crucial part of every business and should be approached with an intentional strategy and executed in a timely manner. You’ll need some specialised media tools in order to accomplish this. One of these tools is digital billboards ‒ one of the most effective ways to reach the right audience. For many reasons, digital billboards are efficient, and they can be further enhanced to give you the edge in an ever-changing and fast-paced market.

Digital Billboards – Getting The Most Out Of DOOH

  • Invest in a high-quality display – The most persuasive reason to engage with digital billboards is the quality of the digitally enhanced images. This makes them more expensive than the traditional static billboards, but getting an engaging and sharper display means you have the added advantage of acquiring traction and a following. You may pay more for the ad space, but you gain the potential to maximise your ROI. 
  • Employ multiple messages and flexible timeA digital billboard provides plenty of visibility, which is crucial. In prime locations, they take precedence over static ones because digital billboards are designed to be mounted high. Display your adverts daily, weekly, monthly, or even hourly to take advantage of this visibility. You don’t pay additional fees for printing, production, or setup, and it only takes seconds. 
  • Creativity is the draw card – The message on any OOH display must be short and specific. Digital billboards give you the opportunity to be sassy and creative about your product or service. A wide range of 3D dynamics, vibrant colours and movement can be found on a vast canvas. In this way, you can present your most interesting, qualitative and enriched content and simultaneously captivate your audience. 

Maximising Digital Billboards For The Future With pDOOH

As pDOOH (programmatic OOH) relies on anonymised mobile location data, you would leverage this data to plan, target and measure the relevance of your OOH. An effective DOOH campaign helps you get to know your audience in-depth and learn what they’re interested in. In addition, your ad can be displayed based on specific conditions, such as footfall, breaking news, sports events, and weather changes. This all combines to:

  • Reduce the use of third parties, automate media buying, and make connectivity faster.
  • Increase mass brand awareness while also targeting the appropriate audience.
  • Provide hyper-customisation options for advertisers.
  • Ensure that you only pay for advertising space when the pre-set conditions are met and the ROI is likely to be high.

There is a misconception that digital billboards are only for big and luxury companies. However, this digital tool is customisable to fit the needs of every company. You can take advantage of digital billboards for your business if you know how to employ the proper analytics. As a result, it enhances the quality of the advertisement while also showcasing your business. 

Face First Media is happy to help you brainstorm ideas for your digital board design and placement. To boost your brand visibility, contact us for a great blend of high-quality sights and clever designs.