LED & Digital Billboards Advertising Company​.

At Face First Media we are now investing in the intriguing new technology of LED digital billboards. This enables us to harness the extraordinary abilities of this innovative advertising solution to optimise display power to benefit our clients. Modern LED billboard technology is now commonly seen in Europe and the USA, and South Africa is fast getting in on the scene as well.
Digital billboards are made up of Light Emitting Diodes (LED) that are aligned in rows on the billboard face. They work with software that enables them to transmit different images on an intermittent basis.  LED billboards are designed to be slim and lightweight, they come in different sizes, and they provide highly cost effective advertising opportunities. They are very versatile and are easy to install, and images can directly be transmitted with a computer. This means that no large prints have to be made, and that various images can be displayed as part of an advertising campaign. Your business can therefore display a variety of images and products on the same billboard! You can also save money by sharing one LED billboard with other companies, because the images can change from one product or company to another. These image changes could be set at viable time intervals that can maximise visibility for particular locations.

Because LED billboard images are digital they are very clear, naturally illuminated and vibrant during day and night, and they are built to withstand environmental challenges such as rain, heat, humidity and hail.

Increase your visibility and display power by investing in this innovative new digital billboards by speaking to our team at Face First Media, and we will ensure that you get the best value for money!