Digital Out Of HomeMarketing
2022 Trends

Over the years, we have seen a considerable increase in the popularity of alternative marketing methods such as digital marketing aimed at targeting audiences from anywhere, anytime. 

And while this method has proven effective, it does not quite deliver the same results that digital out-of-home (DOOH) marketing has proven recently. 

But first, what exactly is DOOH advertising? 

Digital out-of-home marketing, or DOOH marketing, is any form of digitised advertising seen outdoors, including billboards, elevator-centric digital ads, public transport digitised ads, and point of sale ads. This advertising technique is massively successful as its usually positioned in high foot traffic areas. 

Therefore, as a business, it is highly beneficial to implement DOOH advertising as part of your marketing strategy. Moreover, it’s handy to note this year’s DOOH marketing trends to stay ahead of competitors. 

We uncover three of the year’s most compelling trends below. 

Location-Based Advertising 

Location-based advertising is smart, technology-reliant marketing that generates dynamic, interactive ads designed to grab the attention of niche markets. 

These ads are curated to be as memorable and captivating as possible to capture the audience’s attention successfully. Geofencing technology has opened the doors to marketers displaying adverts in locations of their choice based on collected demographic data. 

These ads are usually displayed on kiosks and digital billboards. Moreover, including a QR code in these ads is another clever way to generate leads straight to the promotion page. And in recent years, these QR codes have become increasingly recognisable, with many businesses using this method as a digital alternative to traditional print-based content such as menus or information booklets. 

Highly-Creative Ad Concepts 

With the increase in accessibility to consumer data, the push for creativity and innovation is more popular than ever before. 

Digital-based ads are running ads that target audiences can engage with, such as games or access to information. So, how can you make your ads more creatively focused? 

Think data-driven approaches that involve crafting ads in near-perfect alignment with what the consumer data reads. You may consider expanding your marketing team this year to bring new dynamic thinking and fresh ideas. Storytelling is another fantastic way to encapsulate your audience, as everyone loves a good story. 

ROI Focused Ads

Cost-effective advertising is more possible than ever before. And for this, we can thank rapid advancements in technology. This innovation has led to major improvements in how companies collect and analyse data to build ads that generate ROI. 

It’s far less costly for brands to produce ads with an in-depth understanding of their target audience. As a brand, it can help create more targeted approaches to marketing concepts. You can more effectively measure the performance of these ads, offering direction for future ideas. 

Undeniably, capitalising on these current trends in digital out-of-home marketing for your business can deliver fantastic results. With multiple innovative technological tools, it’s never been easier to understand and target your ideal customer with DOOH advertising. 

At Face First Media, we can guide the way, giving you the best insights suited to your business and setting you up for success. For more information on tailoring your digital out-of-home marketing, get in touch with us today!