Dodge These 5
Digital Billboard Blunders

In this digital marketing age, using digital billboards is a popular marketing option. The impact of a well-designed billboard is immense; however, not paying attention to some key factors can lead to a costly failure.

To ensure you get the best return on your investment for this form of digital marketing, here are some top tips for 5 billboard blunders you should avoid.

  1. The Wrong Location

One of the top reasons for an ineffective billboard is incorrect positioning. No matter how incredible the design is, if the target audience cannot see the billboard, it is ineffective. Before deciding on the ideal location, it is vital to analyse and understand the demographic of your target audience. 

  1. Poor Design And Layout

When deciding on the design of your billboard, you should avoid the following errors:

  • Too much information: When considering the cost of a digital billboard, one might be tempted to pack as much information on the board as possible. However, this can lead the viewer to “switch off” as there is too much information to digest. Keep it simple!
  • Poor Readability: On average, a motorist will only have three to four seconds to view the billboard. Include large, clear text and bright, eye-catching images for maximum impact.
  1. Poor Brand Association

Failing to maintain consistency with your brand identity can negatively impact the effectiveness of your billboard. Ensure that your choice of colours, fonts, logo and images can be easily associated with your brand. Pay attention to the language usage to provide tone and values that align with your brand identity.

  1. Poor Responsiveness

There is no excuse for not keeping your content current in this digital advertising era. Failing to keep your content current can lead to missed opportunities and undermine your overall marketing campaign. Fresh, new content aligned to your target audience will increase your impact and reach.

  1. Not Including A Call To Action

Failure to include a clear and actionable directive can equate to missed opportunities to engage with potential customers. Prompt viewers to visit your website, contact you, or visit your store with a well-written call to action.

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