Dynamic DOOH Campaigns

Digital content that is dynamic, or contextually relevant, ensures that the right information is provided at the right time.

Digital out-of-home (DOOH) advertising is the perfect medium due to its agility and dynamic capability.

Be Contextual

Studies have shown that contextually relevant content increases the effectiveness of a campaign which in turn increases sales and ad recall. Displaying an ad at the right moment, either by time, location, or relevance, increases brain response which increases ad recall and returns an uplift in sales.

Contextual ads speak to audiences seeing that it is more targeted and relevant. It means the right content is shown in the right context by adapting to the surroundings and using data to better understand consumers’ needs and wants at specific times and in specific places.

Intelligent Digital Signage , Augmented reality marketing and face recognition concept. Interactive artificial intelligence digital advertisement in retail shopping Mall.

Being contextual means choosing the right context and getting the tone right. Communication should be personalised as consumers are attracted to and want brands that speak to how they feel.

Changing Audience Behaviours

Understanding audience behaviour and knowing where the audience allows for more targeted and more relevant campaigns. Advertisers need to be able to adapt and respond to rapid changes in consumer behaviour and advancements in technology.

It is key to target the right audience for the right brand by understanding audience behaviour and by measuring the effectiveness and engagement of campaigns.

Knowing where an audience is and why they behave in a certain way is particularly important seeing that it will determine which marketing channels should be used in what way and with what content. Audience targeting involves not only knowing key demographic information but also knowing which locations your different target audiences are visiting, their interests and knowing how they use different media.

Dynamic Strategies

Advertisers need to have multiple creatives to deliver them based on the time of day, weather, events, type of audience and other data. By using real-time data consumers are given information that is relevant to where they are, what they are doing and even how they are feeling at that specific moment.

DOOH is a dynamic platform and hence the need for dynamic strategies that offer personal and meaningful interactions with a brand.  Data changes constantly and highlights the need for the creation of effective targeting strategies.

Content that is dynamic leads to a deeper engagement with the audience and allows for data-driven decision making.