Electronic Billboards Are

Bringing Sustainability To Advertising

As businesses around the country are becoming more aware of their carbon footprint, they want to take necessary steps to be sustainable, and advertising agencies need to recognise this. Alternative solutions are being provided in terms of packaging, zero waste production efforts and recycling. But how much does the advertising industry contribute to sustainability? Energy-efficient electronic billboards are just one way of doing this, and Face First Media is taking the lead.

What Is An Electronic Billboard?

Electronic billboards are the new age alternative to static billboards. They are essentially billboards with LED screens placed in high traffic locations and feature high-resolution graphic advertisements in a digital form. Compared with static billboards, digital billboards allow for moving text and images to add a greater appeal to your advert. They are eye-catching and highly effective.

Maximise Reach, Reduce Carbon Footprint

Since a computer can directly transmit digital images to electronic billboards, this cuts down tremendously on costs and energy consumption associated with printing large scale static billboards. Face First Media has recently introduced solar LED billboards, which helps to conserve electricity. We are constantly striving towards greener practices and environmentally friendly technology that will help both our clients and our business to leave a smaller carbon footprint.

Electronic billboards also help to cut down on paper waste generated by traditional print advertising. Even so, you can still achieve maximum brand exposure to your target audience. Customers are intrigued by digital billboards, as they emit very clear illuminated images that are equally vibrant in daylight and at night.

The Future is Digital

With deforestation being a continuing issue, every effort has to be made to save on natural resources. Therefore, digital advertising in the form of electronic billboards is an excellent way for both advertising agencies and brands to show their commitment to a sustainable future for our planet.

Face First Media is committed to improving our methods of Out Of Home Advertising for a gentler environmental impact. We are confident that with some strategic planning, careful collaboration, and realignment of business practices, eco-friendly electronic billboards are going to reshape the future of advertising in the most positive ways.