Engaging with Customers
Through OOH

We live in the age of disruption and distraction where rapid changes in technology are bringing about significant and permanent change. 

Out-of-home advertising (OOH) is being described as an effective disruption in the age of distraction. Everyday consumers are bombarded with information from different mediums such as radio, television, social media, and the internet. This means an unlimited supply of media and advertising. 

On social media and other channels, consumers have the power to block ads. OOH advertising cannot be closed or blocked like other forms of advertising and OOH has thus become one of the few advertising mediums that can reach consumers where other media channels fail.


OOH Attracts Attention

OOH has the unique potential to engage with customers in this era of disruption and change. Studies have found that consumers are in an active state of mind when they are outside and in public places which means they are receptive and attentive to their surroundings and OOH. 

OOH advertising shares the same physical space as consumers which in turn allows for high-frequency direct communication with audiences. OOH is not just a billboard next to the road but extends to a mix of products such as place-based media and digital displays that create consumer engagement.


OOH Has A Real Presence 

OOH has the ability for true interaction with consumers and studies have found that OOH leads to engagement and drives consumer action. The research has found that consumers search for a brand or take action on their mobile devices after seeing an OOH ad. 

In a world where we are flooded with information throughout the day consumers are looking to connect to a brand and for some more meaningful. Consumers want to be drawn to a brand that speaks to how they feel. 

OOH has the potential to connect with customers in their daily routine in a meaningful way. Creativity and purpose-driven content allow brands to stand out. Content should speak to consumers by having deeper value and by connecting to them. 


Connecting to Consumers

Advances in technology have made it possible for advertisers to get to know their audience on a deeper level. Advertisers now have the power to know which locations their target audience is visiting, their interests and how they use different media.

Consumers are attracted to and want brands that speak to how they feel. They also want to feel that they are not just a number but that you are speaking to them directly.