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Because FFM cares about the environment, we strive to use environmentally materials wherever possible. Modern technologies empower us to improve the way we design and manufacture billboards with the use of materials that are more environmentally friendly, and to utilise products that reduce our carbon footprints. We have recently introduced solar LED illumination to our billboards, and this helps to preserve natural resources such as electricity.

This decreases our carbon footprint and the environmental impact of our products significantly. In addition we are always on the lookout for new and innovative ways to design and manufacture our billboards in ways that do not harm the environment, and we are on a mission to consistently and continuously research and implement environmentally friendlier technologies.

More advances and eco-friendly methods of power generation are constantly surfacing on our market. Currently solar power and wind turbines for illumination and animation are being introduced into the billboard manufacturing industry. In Dubai, a massive billboard on the side of a large building is actually utilised to power the energy needs of the whole exterior and interior of the building! The billboard is adroitly integrated with the design of the building, and can cater to advertising needs as well as the energy requirements of the building.

Other innovative technologies are more involved with the materials that are required to make up the billboard. A decade ago most billboards were manufactured using vinyl and plastic, or even PVC flex (none of which is biodegradable). Newer materials include newly developed biodegradable materials, and even eco-friendly inks and pigments are used in the printing process. This means that we have a lot to look forward to when it comes to eco-friendly billboard options, and at FFC we are committed to the exploration of these methods on a constant basis.

So, if you are serious about advertising without damaging the environment, choose our billboards!

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