Is There Still Space for OOH
in A DOOH Market?

With the advent of Digital Out of Home advertising, the usual static Out of Home advertising seems that have taken a little bit of a knock in the industry. OOH advertising is usually a billboard that does not include movement, other than to display an image. DOOH involves digitization that can be managed from a central point to display different electronic images and messages at different times of day, so it is generally more flexible when it comes to hitting different markets during certain times of the day.

The question remains, however, is there now space for OOH in a world that is becoming increasingly focused on DOOH? Well, the short answer is yes! This is for various reasons:

  • OOH is cheaper: Obtaining digital technologies require a significant outlay from the advertisers, and as a result, these expenses are brought over to the client. Static billboards are already in place, and they are cheaper and easier to manage.
  • No sharing: Because OOH displays a static image, there is no need to share your billboard advertising with other advertisers. This means that your billboard image remains in the same place and visible at all hours of the day until the term is up, and that you can ensure that your target market experiences only your advertising every time they drive past the billboard.
  • Effective reach: Because static billboards remain the same, they capture attention for longer, and are visible repeatedly to a well-honed target market. This means that the messages come through stronger and are retained longer.
  • Impact power: External billboards have a space in peoples’ lives and are often referred to as landmarks. Digital advertisement can also be irritating, and as a result, many people use advertising blockers on their phones and computers. Having a static billboard is not affected by this and can convey a message constantly.
  • Efficiency: Billboards are great for the distribution of information to certain segments. Caution must be exercised here though to ensure that the best locations and advertisements are chosen for maximum impact.

While DOOH also offers many benefits, there is clearly still space for static billboards in the OOH market, and when honed properly, can yield great results! So, whether you are interested in OOH or DOOH, our team at Face First Media are always at your disposal to help put together a highly subjective campaign that will hit your target markets in the correct positions and provide great results. Contact us today to find out more!