Outdoor Media Trends For 2021

Outdoor advertising, better known as out-of-home advertising (OOH) advertising, is set for a major comeback in 2021.

The coronavirus pandemic has brought the world to a standstill and OOH is one of the industries that bore the brunt with curfews, quarantines and lockdowns in many countries worldwide.

Business, however, seems to be picking up again with many countries easing restrictions and lifting lockdowns.

 Four big trends for outdoor media in 2021 include:

Static Billboards

Static billboards will remain a popular option because it offers 24/7 exposure to an advertisement. This medium’s popularity

has also increased due to new printing technologies and creative solutions.

Static billboards provide high impact, reach large numbers of consumers every day, give the audience a chance to see the advertisement clearly and allow advertisers to choose the perfect location for maximum visibility. Static billboards are also typically rented for longer periods which can greatly increase awareness of an advertiser’s brand. Static billboards cannot be turned off or be ignored.


The digital transformation of OOH was already in process when the pandemic hit and it has accelerated the digital transformation of the medium. The number of digital displays is increasing at a rapid pace with new technologies and signage solutions being introduced. Interactive DOOH and programmatic DOOH continues to develop and it brings new and more opportunities.

Multi-Channel Integration

An increase in mobile integration with OOH means brands can increase their visibility and reach with multi-channel integration and cross-channel strategies. This can help to ensure a consistent message across all platforms and to reinforce a brand’s message.

One of the reasons for OOH’s effectiveness is due to its effortless integration with other advertising mediums. With the use of cross-channel strategies, advertisers can maximise their reach and retarget customers. OOH can be greatly amplified by other advertising mediums such as social media.

OOH’s integration with other mediums can also mean more personalised communication and extended reach.

Storytelling and Creativity

Storytelling allows brands to create engagement with their brand, to strengthen brand awareness and create consumer loyalty.

Stories need to have an aim, catch and maintain the audience’s attention, needs to evoke emotion, have a plot, have a satisfying ending and deliver a valuable end-experience. Storytelling requires creativity and out-of-the-box ideas as there needs to be innovation and engagement.

Advertisers are using storytelling to connect to consumers and to deliver impactful messages.