Outlasting The Online Boomers –
Billboard Advertising Stands Strong

We’ve been hearing about the online market booming during recent lockdowns both locally and internationally. And yes, it’s true, with consumer movement restricted in recent months, mobile phone activity and online shopping and marketing has increased. As a business owner, you may be wondering if your investments in billboard advertising are still worth it. The answer is an emphatic Yes! We take a look at why outdoor advertising and digital billboards remain important in today’s economic climate.


  • Strategically located: Billboards in high traffic areas can effectively reach specific markets that no other advertising media like TV, radio or print can reach with pinpoint accuracy.
  • High visibility: Billboard advertising is visible 24/7, every day! It’s hard to avoid them, and when audiences are stuck in traffic, they can engage even longer with your message.
  • Brand repetition: Billboards announce a brand, and repeated viewing leads to brand familiarity. Potential customers can become more reassured in your brand, which creates better sales.
  • Market dominance: Good brand presence leads to increased brand loyalty – boards do this in a way that ensures market dominance.
  • Cost-effective: When compared to other advertising methods, billboards are very cost-effective. Considering the numbers you will reach, they cost less than a Rand per person who sees your ad.
  • Creativity & lasting impact: Billboards allow for amazing creative design, and since they’re not surrounded by clutter, they don’t make viewers experience an information overload. This is especially true for digital billboards, where technology enhances the creativity and beauty of your ad. If you prefer static billboards for your outdoor advertising, you can still make an impressive statement with eye-catching graphics and memorable copy.


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