Six Reasons Why
Billboard Advertising Works

People spend more time than ever before in their cars and stuck in traffic. This offers marketers and advertisers an enormous opportunity to target and reach their audience effectively and consistently. We’ve collated six reasons why you should consider billboards for your next advertising campaign.

1. Billboards Can’t Be Avoided

Billboards are usually placed in high traffic areas, such as highways or busy places. This means that billboard advertising can’t be escaped as people always want something to look at. Unlike other forms of advertising where people can ignore advertisements by turning the page or closing a pop-up ad, billboards can’t be removed, shut down or ignored.


2. People Will See Your Message

People usually drive the same routes every day or visit the same place regularly. This means that people are bound to see your advertisement if they missed it the first time. Regular exposure to your brand will keep you top of mind when the consumer is looking for services or products such as yours.


3. Location, Location, Location

Billboards can be placed on a specific location that will have the highest impact. Market research will enable you to target your brand message to the correct audience, in the right location and at the perfect time. Specific locations will help you reach the most desired demographics according to age, income, location and gender.


4. Creating Visual References

People create visual references so by using a specific image or having a catchy logo will increase brand awareness for your product. Billboards provide a large space to be creative. You can create eye-catching billboards by using smart graphic design to immediately grab attention. This can be done by creating a billboard that ties in with its surroundings, adding lights or using 3D effects. You have the opportunity to stir emotions and to ensure that your company’s message stays in the mind of your audience.


5. Billboard Advertising Starts Conversations

An eye-catching billboard can go a long way in getting consumers to start talking about your brand. It creates immediate awareness of the products or services you offer. Regular exposure to your message entrenches your brand into the minds of consumers which leads to engagement.

The goal is to get people to trust your message and to have authority in the minds of your audience. This will, in turn, mean that when a decision needs to be made about a purchase or service people will be more likely to remember you.


6. It’s A Cost-Effective Solution

Billboard marketing is seen as one of the most cost-effective marketing options in the industry. Billboards increase brand awareness and have been proven to provide a higher return on your investment.