Billboards have been used for decades to create a consciousness of particular products. At the earlier stages they consisted mostly of static posters on sidewalks where there was a lot of foot traffic in order to be noticed.

Our billboards are ideal for new product launches and a long-term brand building strategy, simultaneously providing brands with reach, frequency and market penetration.

Tried and tested billboards
to maximize your brand exposure

When compared to other forms of advertising media there are few options that match the cost effectiveness of billboard advertising. The reason why billboards are still used after so many decades speaks for itself: it is because they are highly effective.

Billboards attract attention; especailly when placed in strategic locations and are designed to have impact. They are visible around the clock, so your brand gets 24/7 exposure to anyone who passes them. With modern technology, billboards can be illuminated and even animated in order to make them more visible, entertaining, and memorable.

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