Synergising Social Media & Digital Billboards for Effective Marketing

With consumers constantly switching devices and media platforms in search of more stimulating content, leveraging the power of social media and digital billboards can be a highly effective marketing strategy for businesses wanting to keep up with their customers. 

Here’s some helpful advice from South Africa’s DOOH experts on how you can create a comprehensive and impactful marketing campaign by striking the right synergy between social media and digital billboards.

Integrated Campaigns

Develop a cohesive marketing campaign that seamlessly integrates social media and digital billboards. For example, you could create a video or compelling visuals to communicate a promotion or new product, and this can be displayed on a digital billboard while being shared by social media users simultaneously. 

Ensure that the messaging, visuals, and branding are consistent across both channels for maximum impact. Break through the noise and use social media platforms to create buzz, engage with your audience, and drive traffic to your digital billboards.

  • Cross-Promotion
    • As a business owner, you can use social media to promote your digital billboard advertisements and vice versa for greater reach. A good idea is to encourage your social media followers to look out for your billboard ads by providing teasers or sneak peeks. 
    • On digital billboards, include social media handles or hashtags to encourage viewers to engage with your brand online, thus driving traffic to your social media page or website after seeing your billboard. It’s a fantastic way to increase brand exposure and stay top of mind without expensive, hard-sell ad campaigns.
  • Shareable Content
    • Digital billboards that are strategically placed for an impactful brand presence and designed with fearless creativity have the added advantage of becoming sharable content for social media. Consumers love sharing images that resonate with them, make them laugh, or provoke emotions, controversy and careful thought. 
    • A powerful digital billboard can be snapped by a passing motorist and shared on social media with the potential of going viral. This combination enables you to maximise exposure for your brand to a vast audience from what originated as a geographically-targeted billboard ad.
  • Interactive Content
  • Incorporating interactive elements in both social media and digital billboards can enhance user engagement. Encourage users to participate in contests, polls, or challenges through social media and display user-generated content on digital billboards. This is an exciting, unique way to create a sense of community and fosters a deeper connection between your brand and your ideal customers. 
  • Moreover, it’s an effortless, cost-effective way to get people talking about your brand and steadily builds client loyalty that all businesses aspire to achieve. Measuring campaign effectiveness also becomes easier this way, through surveys and social media analytics tools.

By combining the strengths of social media and digital billboards, businesses can create a dynamic and impactful marketing strategy. Face First Media can develop innovative digital billboards that you can utilise in a cohesive campaign, integrating cross-promotion techniques, and incorporating interactive content. Contact us for a well-executed strategy that elevates your brand visibility, engagement drives profitable results.