Three Compelling Reasons
Why Billboards Are Still Effective
In 2022

You may have recently heard the words ‘digital boom’ or ‘online marketing explosion’ mentioned in the media. So as we find ourselves in the centre of this digital era, are outdoor billboards still effective? Is out of home advertising still worth spending your budget on when the media is telling us that most South Africans are in their homes and on their phones and laptops more than ever before? Here are some mind-bending reasons why billboard advertising totally rocks in 2022 against the odds.

Diamond In The Rough 

Billboards remain effective simply because they stand out from the crowd and demand your attention. While social media presence is crucial for any business in the changing sphere of marketing, it’s easy to get lost in the blur of brands scurrying for attention online. With lockdown restrictions significantly eased, life is pretty much back to normal and motorists are out there in full action day and night. As the roads come alive, your billboard advert simply cannot be avoided, and maximum visibility is as achievable today as it was years ago.

Entertainment For Mahala 

Let’s face it: People want to be entertained, especially motorists stuck in peak hour traffic! Billboards allow endless possibilities for creativity and brands can have plenty of fun with this. With a powerful image, eye-catching colours, a few carefully selected words or daring punctuation, some wit and a thought-provoking or humorous line, consumers will thank you. In contrast, many online adverts or TV adverts are brushed off as intrusive because they interrupt the viewer’s entertainment. Billboards provide a welcome relief to an uneventful drive home with entertaining messages and brand awareness ‒ free for your customer and cost-effective for you. It’s a win-win!

The Trust Factor

Companies that use billboard advertising gain trust and credibility from their customers because billboards have a commanding, authoritative presence. A billboard ad with your logo on it says you are big, confident and capable. Since billboards are not invasive, your message may also be better received and, most importantly, leave a lasting impact.

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