Want To Make Extra Cash
As A Billboard Landlord?
Here’s How…

Want To Make Extra Cash As A Billboard Landlord? Here’s How…

Something not many people are aware of is that they can make a lot of money by renting out some space to billboard advertisers such as Face First Media. The location of a billboard is of utmost importance, and well-paced vacant land is not easy to come by, especially in cities. This is why billboard companies tend to invest in the rental of space that is highly visible and well positioned, such as land next to a highway, a road crossing, or anywhere else where there is a lot of traffic and visibility! The income that private land owners can earn from renting out their properties can be substantial, and the amount of rent will largely depend on the desirability and visibility of the location.

If you have a well-paced piece of land that is vacant and possibly a suitable location for a billboard, all you have to do is to contact a billboard provider such as Face First Media. An assessor will be sent out to evaluate and assess the land and its potential as a billboard location, and if the land is found to be suitable, the billboard manufacturer will make you a rental offer. You don’t even need to worry about contracts, permits or other legislative requirements because the billboard manufacturer will usually take care of this.

This is a super easy way to make some money, and you can rest assured that no permanent structure will be erected, so that when the time comes when the rental period has expired or you need the land back, the billboards will just be removed, and the land will be vacant and available again. It is well worth considering renting out pieces of land – especially if they are in weird or noisy places where nobody wants to live, or are not zoned for housing or offices. The residual income you can earn from being a billboard landlord is significant and will require virtually no effort from your side. All you have to do is to sign a contract, and watch the money rolling into your bank account!

Leasing your property to Face First Media is truly a win-win situation for both parties. Not only does it provide you with some extra cash every month, it also provides us with more properties for our billboards, which means that we are able to offer our clients much better exposure where it counts most. So, if you own a piece of vacant land and would like to benefit from it, give our team at Face First Media a call today, and we will make your property work for you!