What Are The Different
Types Of Outdoor Advertising?

When it comes to marketing, there are two main schools of thought. The first is the ‘tried-and-true’ approach which relies on tested methodologies. The other is ‘disruption for impact’, which uses any available means to garner as much attention as possible. At Face First Media, we believe in a combination of both! Maximising the use of outdoor advertising ensures that you rely on both tested and reliable marketing and allows the creativity and unsuspected twist of modern disruption to come to the fore. The question is: What are these different types of outdoor advertising?

Billboard Advertising

As our number one choice for most marketing campaigns or OOH campaigns, billboards have an added edge in terms of visibility, recognition, and demand for attention. Great billboards are strategically placed and selected for the maximum target audience exposure and offer quite a large degree of flexibility. Billboards are designed to be bold, with a strong message, and offer instant brand recognition.

There are multiple types of billboards available to you, including:

  • Static billboards
  • Mobile billboards
  • Digital Billboards

The market is also starting to explore interactive billboards and augmented reality billboards, so watch this space!

Retail Advertising

Retail advertising includes elements such as floor graphics, lift graphics, and mall media. This type of marketing is generally aimed at inviting customers into the store, purchasing a specific product, or increasing brand awareness through sheer immediacy and increase of foot traffic. This type of printed advertising is both engaging and impressive. It adds dynamic and prestige to a brand, drawing customers in for more intimate interaction.

Point Of Sale Advertising

Point Of Sale (POS) or Point Of Purchase (POP) advertising is aimed at engaged customers to further drive a sense of ‘there and then’ purchases which increases the end basket total. These methods may not seem traditionally “outdoors”, but they are often included since there is a certain amount of flexibility in this area which allows advertising to be capitalised on. This type of advertising includes branded display stands and adverts above containers or shelves ‒ often visible to passers-by even though the intended recipient is an in-store client.

Honourable Mentions

There are so many types of outdoor advertising available ‒ don’t miss out! Here are some other ways in which you can explore outdoor advertising:

  • Construction advertising
  • Lamppost or bridge advertising
  • Vehicle or transit advertising
  • Stunt advertising

Basically, if an outdoor location lends itself well to visibility, traffic, and engagement, there is potential for outdoor advertising.