6 Top Reasons To Promote Your
Brand With Outdoor Advertising

6 Top Reasons To Promote Your Brand With Outdoor Advertising

Everybody is familiar with billboard advertising – it is one of the most visible and oldest forms of advertising. It is something interesting to look at while sitting in traffic, they can provide food for thought, and often be a good source of entertainment.

Often highly visible graphics are used to attract attention, and stories can be told using billboards that are placed in consecutive order on a highway; for instance, the first billboard can pose a question, and the second billboard a kilometre or so further can be used to increase interest about the question, and then the third billboard can display the answer to the question.

There are many reasons why people choose to promote their brand, service or products using outdoor advertising such as billboards, and these include the following:

  1. They are constant: You cannot switch off a billboard because it is there constantly. Once a billboard has been seen, it cannot be unseen, and because it is constantly there it can be viewed at any time, day or night, 24/7.
  2. You cannot change the channel: When television or radio advertisement is used, people often used the advertising break to get something to eat, to skip to the bathroom, or to do something else. With new technology we can actually skip advertisements entirely, so we do not get to see them. Outdoor advertising works because it cannot be skipped or avoided – it is just there all the time for all to notice.
  3. Wide audience: If the billboard or your advertising location is placed well near high traffic areas, your audience base can be enormous. It can even reach people who do not have television or radio, and you can reach as much people with your billboard in a shorter space of time than you would with print or television advertising – but only at a fraction of the cost!
  4. Highly cost effective: On average, outdoor advertising using billboard cost around 80% less than a 30 second television advertisement, and about 60% less than print adverts, and around half the cost of radio advertising – all of this while still be able to reach large audiences!
  5. High take-up ratio: Studies that have been performed show that people notice just over 70% of billboards, and around 65% of these billboards are actually read in full by the audience. This take-up rate is higher than most other forms of advertising media but it costs a lot less.
  6. Localised advertising: It is possible to aim your advertising at people who live or work in a particular area. This means that if you live in Gauteng, you can advertise your business to people who live and work in Gauteng, and gain more clients because you are based locally.

If you are curious about further benefits to boosting your advertising power with the use of outdoor advertising and billboards, give our team at Face First Media a call today!