The Advantages Of
Billboard Advertising

Think about the essence of your brand messaging? Can you convey that in 5 seconds? This is precisely the concept that billboards make possible. It is one of the most common forms of outdoor advertising, particularly among large corporations. And it gives your brand the power to create impressions on the subconscious minds of thousands of drivers, passengers and pedestrians who pass by on a daily basis.

Even in a fast-paced world, the power of large-scale visual impact advertising can not be underestimated. We look at the traditional billboard advertising advantages below.

Immediate Audience Responsiveness

Ads on billboards are free to passers-by; they do not subscribe or pay to view your media. In this way, an audience’s will already be more responsive to your brand messaging. It’s up to you to create the most impactful, thought-provoking and engaging content for them to view.

Although this does not mean that you are just giving away media without a measurable return on investment. Did you know that 71% of people claim to consciously look at billboards when driving, according to a Driver Engagement Study? That guarantees a very wide audience reach.

Quality Billboard Real Estate For Quality Leads

Billboards are considered valuable real estate; the reason behind this is every location in which a billboard is placed targets a very strategic demographic. Factors such as travel speed, travel destination and proximity to businesses, neighbourhoods, educational institutions and business parks can all be leveraged for the highest return on investment. Certain placements can guarantee a high level of traffic at different intervals.

Through data analysis, most advertisers will be able to advise locations where your messaging will have the highest impact.

Billboards Build Brand Awareness

Billboards do a lot to build trust and brand association. Just like a functional website or a brick and mortar shop gives your brand credibility, a billboard is an excellent indicator of the longevity of your business.

An eye-catching design that attracts attention and sparks conversation is a memorable way to introduce your business concept or vision to prospective customers. When people see the same billboards on a daily basis, they build a strong brand association and are often more likely to refer to your brand or seek out your services.

Working Around The Clock

One of the most remarkable advantages of billboard advertising – it’s a marketing tool that works around the clock. So even when your business shuts down for the day, your billboard is still active, still reaching a targeted audience and spreading brand awareness.

The goal should always be to make your billboard as impactful as possible, with original content, strategic placement and a high standard of workmanship to represent your brand identity adequately.