3 Prime Locations for
Digital Billboard Advertising

Digital billboards are not a new phenomenon; however, the team at Face First Media is constantly coming up with new ways for you to harness the power of this form of promotion.

The billboard’s placement is crucial to its success, as the information it portrays needs to be put in front of the right people, namely your target audience. Here are some of the most important considerations when deciding where and when to place digital billboard advertising.

  1. Along Commuter Routes

In South Africa’s large centres, there are major traffic routes that thousands of motorists use daily to get to and from work. These routes make ideal locations for your punchy message and clever visuals. Routes with regular bottlenecks make even better locations as traffic slows or stops, giving commuters more time to absorb the message.

  1. High-Traffic Locations

The whole point of billboard advertising is to have it seen by as many potential customers as possible. Commuter routes are just one option for high-traffic locations. For maximum impact, the following sites can be investigated:

  • Busy intersections
  • Retail zones, malls and other commercial areas
  • Sports stadiums
  • Entertainment zones
  • Airports
  • Business districts and office complexes
  • Conference and convention centres and hotels
  1. Targeting Your Audience Demographic

It is not enough to place the billboard in front of many people ‒ it needs to be the right people. For example, placing a digital billboard in a residential area to advertise a high-end fashion retail outlet would probably not deliver the desired outcome for the following reasons:

  • Audience mismatch: The residents of the suburb are likely to be a mixture of ages and income groups, which might limit interest in the product.
  • Relevance: Suburban residents may have different interests and requirements than those being advertised.
  • Limited traffic: Not enough passing traffic, reducing opportunities to engage with the audience.

To ensure correct placement, the target audience’s demographic must be analysed, including their preferences and behaviours, guaranteeing that the message will resonate effectively.

Contact us at Face First Media today for top advice on prime locations for digital billboard advertising. Expert placement will generate interest, increase sales, and leave a lasting impression on your audience, helping build a trusted reputation.