Advantages Of DOOH
Programming Advertising

The digital age of billboards has arrived. This, however, doesn’t mean that billboard advertising has gone stale – in fact, it is now a very cost-effective and highly targeted form of advertising, which is a lot more effective than the static billboards that formed a ubiquitous part of our lives over the last 13 decades. New technology, such as Programming Advertising, enables the advertiser to automate purchase and sales processes. In addition, it enables them to target specific audiences, establish the advertising investment in that particular market, home in on sites or locations where those markets are present and perform smart advertising as a result.

Two diverse models serve this landscape:

  • Reserved: This model negotiates data through a Demand Site Platform (DSP) to locate the user with the most purchasing potential for a particular brand or product.
  • Unreserved: Compiles a purchase pattern throughout the Ad Exchange, which means that any user with access to a Demand Site Platform can purchase.

Five Top Benefits of PA:

  • Real-time: Traditionally, the purchasing of advertising has been a time-consuming process with various manual stages and human interaction required. Real-time auctioning (RTB) removes that process and provides real-time information about potential and real clients. It also empowers the advertiser to purchase DOOH advertising space, based on the user requirements and locations.
  • Lower cost: To optimize ROI, automatic information regarding users can be extremely helpful. This enables advertisers to target specific audiences at specific locations at specific times of day with the help of digitization.
  • Effective targeting: The data recorded by PA allows the advertiser to target a multitude of audiences in different locations in a single advertising purchase. This allows a more personal experience for the target market, and to much greater effect.
  • Research: Through PA it is now possible to do active research on behavioral and purchasing patterns of target markets. The data provides them with valuable insights on the effectiveness of creative media, strategies to home in on specific targets, models on how to approach them, and, most beneficial of all: analysis of this data. This enables advertisers to choose more effective adverts.
  • Personal: One of the biggest benefits of PA is that the advertiser can create a personal experience for the potential buyer. DOOH can be linked to social media platforms, brand data can be stored on smartphones, websites can be activated according to user needs, and email advertising can follow as a result. This provides an experience for the user that is highly personalized and targeted – resulting in more sales and better profits!

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