Should Advertisers Increase
OOH Spend In 2021?

After the shock of 2020, advertisers are understandably dubious about increasing their OOH advertising spend. As markets are re-opening and becoming more dynamic in 2021, it is now a crucial time to take advantage of practical and effective marketing opportunities, especially when it comes to OOH and DOOH.

Firstly, numerous OOH companies are still recovering lost revenue from 2020 and are willing to deliver high value for money at a lower cost. As a result, advertisers can now increase their visibility at an exciting time when people are out on the streets again and looking for new eye-fodder. New opportunities in traditional markets are reinventing themselves, and OOH is one of these – but with a twist: DOOH is gaining popularity as new trends now demand a new glance at how OOH is applied.

During 2020, many businesses felt the pinch, and one of the markets most affected was the OOH market because companies viewed in-house advertising as more captivating than OOH. Typically, when budgets are slashed, the marketing spend is the first thing to be decreased, but this is a big blunder. Even though a reduction in marketing spend can be effective in the short term, it is essential to maintain the trust of the consumer in a brand, and for new brands to enter the environment of the consumer. With the influx of people back into the public domain again, it is time for advertisers to get ahead of the curve and gain more market share and increased ROI at a lower cost. It is now time for brands to build reputations, new consumer bases and increased trust in existing brands by reminding consumers that they are still around after 2020.

Many lessons have been learnt during 2020, and these include:

  • Be visible: With more consumers out on the streets, brands must remain active in the public domain and maintain visibility to reinvigorate trust to beat the competition. This will in turn construct brand loyalty, preference, and especially brand visibility.
  • Smart marketing investment: To grow market share and achieve superior growth, it is time to invest in building a share of voice. Long term growth in profit provides a competitive advantage when consumers are constantly reminded of the brand through high visibility.
  • Understand new audience requirements: Consumers are still just as keen to respond to advertising as ever – it was just that in 2020 there was nobody around to take advantage of OOH. Now, the use of data is crucial to get to know an entirely altered audience and to cater to user requirements. Location is particularly crucial as people tend to remain closer to home. OOH and DOOH must be better directed in terms of consumer behaviour for improved success.

NOW is the time to invest in highly targeted OOH!