Why Billboard Advertising Works
And How To
Make Yours More Effective

We’ve all done it. At some point in our lives (in fact, many points), we’ve looked at billboards, sometimes stared for a good few seconds, appreciating the attractive pictures, clever puns or humour. As motorists, passengers, or shoppers entering a mall, we not only see billboards, but we pay attention to them. We linger a bit longer, even if we shouldn’t, and the best part is that what we see makes a lasting impression. In this blog, we take a look at why billboard advertising as a whole, including outdoor advertising and digital billboards, still make an impact and how to make yours stand out.


From a purely strategic point of view, billboard advertising works because of the sheer volume of people your message can reach in high traffic locations. They allow for endless possibilities when it comes to creativity, especially if you opt for digital billboards with high resolution, motion graphics. With high visibility, high exposure and the ability to connect with your audience through a creative brand message, it is bound to work. However, there are some things to consider to make your advert not only seen but also work effectively.


Use less text: The average driving consumer has only 6 seconds to read a billboard, so they should be able to get your message in a flash. So use words scarcely and keep it catchy to make an impression.

Don’t distract: While the billboard needs to get noticed, it must not distract traffic. Avoid provocative or shocking images that could lead to a collision.

Consider response time: Motorists driving past your billboard will not have time to write down telephone numbers or memorise website addresses. Rather create a powerful message that highlights your brand name and business purpose so that customers can remember it further down the line.

Don’t get too clever: Billboard colours and messages should be vibrant and memorable to be effective, rather than a complex puzzle. Create a lasting first impression with your audience within a few seconds.

Use repetition: One billboard is good. A message is more memorable when repeated. You could also tell a story in consecutive billboards, e.g. posting a question in the first one that makes people wonder and then post the answer in a second or even a third billboard further down the line.

Use the wonders of technology: Modern LED display technologies used in digital billboards provide opportunities to animate images. This allows you to create a memorable visual display that can make a deeper impact than a static billboard.


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