So What’s All The Hype
About OOH Advertising?

One of the stand out stars in the advertising world is out-of-home advertising, or OOH advertising for short. This type of advertising includes a wide range of promotions that customers and potential customers will see outside of their homes.

Such things as billboards (static and digital), adverts on buses, posters, bus shelters, train stations and point of sale advertising all fall into the category of OOH advertising.

Read on to find out why this form of advertising continues to be popular in promoting both products and services.

OOH Advertising Is Very Effective

It has been proven that OOH advertising is a highly effective form of advertising that gives excellent bang for your buck. The reasons for this are varied, including:

  • Being able to target a specific audience by careful selection of target locations.
  • Competitive pricing for constantly visible advertising versus other forms of advertising that can be “turned off”.
  • The constant presence of this form of advertising fosters brand familiarity and brand loyalty.
  • Companies using OOH advertising report perceptible increases in sales due to the increased exposure generated for their product or service.

OOH Advertising Is A Way To Increase Marketing Exposure Across Other Channels

While out-of-home advertising is effective as a stand-alone effort, it also has the knock-on effect of increasing access to other marketing and communication channels with your organisation. In this digital age of instant gratification, what is the first thing a potential customer will do after being attracted to your OOH advertising? Reach for their phone and look for you online on their favourite channel, like searching for your website or blogs, or connecting via a social media app.

To guarantee the best possible outcome, your coverage on other channels should continue the potential created by your OOH adverts. This multi-faceted approach will strengthen your marketing campaign and lead to the positive results that you are looking for.

So the question you should be asking yourself is why you are not using this highly effective tool in your marketing campaign? The hype is justified because OOH advertising is a proven method of building brand loyalty and increasing sales.