The Most Exciting Billboard Advertising Trends For 2023

Outdoor advertising has seen some very rewarding developments in recent years and our clients have reaped the rewards of both strategically placed sites and extensive exposure for their businesses. As an industry leader, we find it important to stay up to date with the latest advancements in the industry and to pay heed to the trends we see developing. 

Want to know what your digital billboard marketing should be focusing on? Our team at Face First Media has taken a look at some of the most important billboard advertising trends for 2023.

The Rise Of Digital Billboards

DOOH (Digital Out Of Home) advertising is seeing a big boom in popularity. Not only do these billboards afford more flexibility and accessibility but they are capitalising on the most attractive elements of digital marketing without needing to access a personal screen to do so (phones, tablets, PCs, etc.). 

LED and LCD screens are extremely eye-catching and are becoming more and more common. These billboards also allow brands to make use of movement and short videos to draw in intrigue and interest to make the message even more impactful.

The Power Of Storytelling

Another great trend we expect to see more of in billboard advertising in 2023 is the use of storytelling. Not only is it becoming synonymous with strong branding and marketing, but because of the changes in how people consume media and marketing, it is becoming a prerequisite for audience engagement and fast being adopted as an industry standard. 

Without heartfelt messaging and a captivating story, advertising will see a less desirable result. Billboards that entice engagement through storytelling leave a lasting impression and achieve a greater response.

Trust The Expert For Your Outdoor Advertising Needs

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