The Power Of Billboards And Their Effectiveness

Billboard advertising is a great way to reach your target audience and beyond in specific geographic areas. It does not matter whether you have a large or small business, there are a variety of billboards and advertising structures to choose from. 

Besides massive free-standing structures, billboards may also be mounted on walls and buildings, built into bus shelters, or mounted on buses, trains, and airport shuttles. Various options are available to display and promote your brand. 

Three Standout Billboard Types

The size of your billboard will naturally affect the locations available for advertising. For example, smaller billboards don’t do themselves justice on a highway, and gigantic posters won’t work in residential areas. 

  1. Bulletins are the traditional billboards the public is used to seeing. These are the largest standard size and are commonly found on highways and major national roads. The messages are large enough for commuters to read as they pass by. With simplicity, humour and repetition, such as the daily commute, this advertisement engages the audience and motivates them to take action. When placed in the right locations, this static advertising structure is highly effective.
  2. Posters are mid-sized billboards along primary and secondary arterial roadways and target local audiences. Industrial areas or commercial parks are highly effective for pedestrians and motorists. A brand can use this structure to conduct a mass advertising campaign in which the same advertisement is displayed across multiple outlets. 
  3. A junior poster is the smallest type of billboard and typically measures 1,8 metres by 3,6 metres. In neighbourhoods or on smaller roads, they are often placed on structures that are on eye level and target a specific, hard-to-reach demographic. Smaller free-standing structures and building walls are ideal for them. Placed close to the business being advertised, this advertising structure can be highly effective in increasing sales. 

How Can Face First Media Help?

With over a decade’s precision marketing expertise in OOH, Face First Media offers its valued clients a wide variety of effective billboard formats and premium advertising sites. Our highly skilled teams of designers and builders are creative masters and tactical experts. We achieve phenomenal success with brand visibility and outstanding design every time. There are many good reasons we are a media leader in the outdoor advertising industry in South Africa.

We offer various outdoor advertising structures and billboards that will suit your marketing budget and advertising needs in Gauteng, Kwazulu-Natal and Western Cape. Get in touch with us today and watch your brand visibility soar to new heights.