Billboard Advertising vs Digital Ads

Digital ads on the internet and social media took the advertising world by storm and have been hailed by many businesses as a viable marketing avenue. However, setting up a billboard to market your company’s latest offer still has many benefits unique to outdoor advertising. 

With the introduction of recent technology like digital and 3D billboards, outdoor advertising companies can offer even more exciting options that capture audiences’ imaginations across targeted locations. 

An outdoor advertising company can achieve many things that digital advertising simply cannot in this age of highly-saturated online marketing. Let’s take a look at several ways billboard advertising outshines digital advertising. 

Outdoor Ads Actually Get Seen 

With the rise of digital marketing has also come the rise of digital marketing’s nemesis: ad blockers. Consumers have become so tired of constantly being bombarded by unwanted, intrusive ads that many have downloaded and installed plugins that protect them from ads while surfing the internet. 

Consumers are also overly aware of the manipulative tactics that digital marketers leverage and as such, they purposefully choose to stay away from these ads or become frustrated with these brands as opposed to being interested in them. This means that much of your business’s target audience may be unreachable via digital marketing. 

Outdoor marketing, on the other hand, has the advantage of being quite reserved in that it does not interrupt your audience’s daily life but rather gently prompts them to remember your brand. 

Outdoor Ads Make More of An Impact

The digital spaces of social media and the internet are overcrowded. Because of the ease of access, many businesses attempt to market their goods and services through the ‘Boost’ function on popular social media channels or Pay Per Click campaigns. This leads to your audience’s screen being virtually filled with ads which can lead to your customers having brand fatigue. 

Whether you have a traditional billboard or make use of an exciting digital billboard, you can enjoy much more of your audience’s undivided attention. Using a digital or 3D billboard can also bring some of the best aspects that digital advertising offers to the outdoor advertising space.

If you want to have your business’s ads get seen, it might be time to invest in an outdoor digital billboard with Face First Media, a reputable outdoor advertising company in South Africa. Get in touch with us today and let’s work together to bring your billboard ad to life!