Text Tips To Make Your
Billboard Advert A Success

Billboard advertising in Durban and other South African cities is a fantastic way to target specific locations that your ideal audience travels past frequently and consistently. Regardless of where your clients and customers are, they almost certainly find themselves passing a digital billboard during their morning and afternoon commute. 

One of the most important aspects of your billboard will be the text used in your ad. Your text conveys your message ‒ and your message is king! In order to make your billboard advert as successful as possible, keep in mind these text tips that will help your advert stand out and retain attention. 

Pick Your Colours Wisely 

A major rule of good graphic design is to consider the colours used in any advert or marketing material. This is especially relevant to your billboard ad. The colours used need to fall within the confines of your brand’s colour palette to improve your brand’s recognisability. 

However, consider using your brand’s colour scheme wisely. Avoid placing light text on a light background and dark text on a dark background. Remember that people travelling past your ad usually do so with speed, so you’ll only have an instant to convey your message to them quickly and efficiently. 

Keep It Short & Sweet 

The overall message you convey through your billboard needs to be snappy and, ideally, memorable. You only have a few seconds to create a lasting impression on your viewer, so limit the length of the written information you add to the billboard message. 

While you can definitely make your message unforgettable by shocking your audience (Think of how successful Naked’s billboard ad campaigns are at this!), remember that an overly disruptive message may put drivers at risk. 

Reconsider Your Call To Action 

When considering any ad, the Call to Action (CTA) is an important next step you want to urge the viewer to take, like making a call, visiting your website or making a trip to your location. 

When it comes to billboard advertising, think about your viewer’s limited ability to remember or write down an address, number or website that may affect the message you choose to share on your billboard.

Marketing your offer through digital billboard advertising will only be as successful as the clarity and impact of the message you punt. By utilising digital advertising billboards in Durban and other South African locations, you’ll be sure to make the most of repeat brand recognition. Contact us today and let’s discuss advertising that converts with our digital billboard opportunities.