The Top 2 Types Of Most Creative Billboard Ads

Billboards became quite the buzz when they first hopped onto the advertising scene. On your way to work or being dropped off at school in the morning, you would pass these massive structures with these giant images and some clever bold text that sparked wonder and were memorable enough to recall them years later. 

Along with all forms of advertising, the billboard game has not stayed stagnant in its attempt to catch the eye of the passing traveller. In the last few years, there have been multiple groundbreaking developments to this out-of-home advertising medium. We will be exploring our top two favourite types of billboard advertising in the modern age.

Digital Billboards

Everything digital (think of your phone, TV or laptop) is quite addictive to the eye. Digital products are hard for us humans to keep our eyes off, as the crisp images and moving pictures are super appealing. They also allow the use of infographics, such as stock markets showing the share price movements.

When creating digital billboards, creativity is whatever you can imagine, obviously within a standard set of practices, i.e. you’re not going to put small unreadable text. In addition, digital billboards are placed in areas of large gatherings instead of quick passing points such as highways. Therefore, they are more suited to shopping malls, train stations and airport terminals.

Three Dimensional Billboards

3D billboards are definitely trending at the moment, especially in countries like the United States of America, China, Japan and South Korea. Recently, the new Game of Thrones House of Dragons made use of this type of billboard to promote the show, which is currently trending. In it, one of the dragons seamlessly comes out of the billboard and blows flames at the people below in a busy Time Square, New York, setting.

The possibilities with 3D are endless. Think of how impactful you could make your advertising. Utilising this advertising method is very expensive and, therefore, currently more appropriate for bigger companies, organisations or governments. As new technology emerges, this medium will hopefully become more accessible to smaller businesses. 

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