What’s Driving Out-Of-Home Advertising’s Boom?

During the last decade, out-of-home (OOH) advertising has reinvented itself in a refreshing and exciting way. South Africa has now made outdoor advertising one of the most important advertising platforms, even more important than television advertising. Consumption of media and content has never been more diverse in a rapidly changing media landscape. The OOH media category is simply unavoidable, unfragmented, and cannot be turned off with a remote control. Several surprising developments and advantages are behind OOH advertising’s success and contributing to its revival.

OOH Is Going Digital

With OOH’s renaissance, digitalisation is at the forefront. DOOH, as it is known, is bright and dynamic. It’s much faster and easier to set up than conventional static OHH and can display more ads at once or multiple images of the same product for a single ad. It’s also less labour-intensive and is programmable for intermittent sequences and frequency by transmitting images directly with a computer. 

Effective Introduction Or Reinforcement For Online And Media Search

Outdoor advertising signage formats like billboards, digital screens, and other OOH displays cannot be skipped or blocked. It is not subject to a fold, such as the one experienced on a cell phone or computer screen. Furthermore, OOH displays are large and do not go unnoticed. They are designed to be the shortest and most impactful introductions to your brand or product. Surveys show that after seeing an OOH advertisement first, adults are more likely to browse online or click on their cellphone ad for more information. A cross-channel strategy ensures that consumers are exposed across various platforms and encouraged to act.

Enhances ROI By Multiples

Because of the Covid-19 pandemic, return on investment (ROI) has become a crucial factor in advertising campaigns, putting accountability at the heart of them. OOH advertising doesn’t suffer from the same issues as traditional advertising and social media, like privacy concerns, ad blocks, fake news, etc.; therefore, it is also more powerful and effective. Based on strategic surveys, the Outdoor Measurement Council (OMC) has made a giant leap forward in providing quantitative data for marketing agencies. Billboard campaigns can be procured and implemented using this audience data.

Showcases Your Brand’s Creativity

OHH is less actionable than paid advertising, and you can show parts of your brand that don’t necessarily drive conversions. Creative ads combined with repetition have a far greater impact on consumers and play a pivotal role in advertising. Having fun with your advertising piques consumer interest and builds brand recognition and trust. 

Sustainable And Responsible Advertising

Eco-friendly inks and materials are increasingly being used instead of vinyl billboards. Compared to PVC bulletins, the new materials are recyclable and have a lower carbon footprint. DOOH uses LED lights, which have a longer lifespan than traditional light bulbs, reducing their environmental impact. Monitoring the environment and engaging in responsible advertising is a win-win situation for advertisers and consumers alike.

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