4 Top Tips On Effective Billboard Advertising From The Experts

4 Top Tips On Effective Billboard Advertising From The Experts

Billboard advertising is one of the oldest forms of advertising, and it is clearly here to stay. It remains one of the most effective forms of marketing services or goods because it is an easy way to create visual impact on large scale audiences. It can even be targeted to specific markets and locations, and provides a high return on investment compared to other popular advertising media such as television and print advertising. Nowadays, however, we tend to experience sensory overload with all the activity and advertising going on around us, and this is why you need to know how to deal effectively with billboard advertising in order to be truly successful.

Even if you have a prime spot for your billboard marketing, it is important that yours stands out above the competition. Often the most lucrative spots have more than one billboard, and you have to ensure that yours is the first one to draw attention. Here are some tips from the experts to ensure that your billboard advertising attracts maximum attention:

TIP #1 – Make it shareable: With social media playing such a large role in modern life, people love to share things they find interesting. If you create something clever, topical, funny or impactful, people will share it on social media platforms. If your billboard is extra impactful it may even go viral, which means your exposure is significantly increased. Think outside the box and come up with something that people would love to share!

TIP #2 – Choose prime sites: While high traffic spots are definitely more expensive than quiet spots, it pays to spend the extra money on getting the prime spots for your billboard. It is a waste of time and money to have a billboard where you only get limited exposure. If you want a better return on your investment, always go for the high traffic locations.

TIP #3 – Get inspired: Often your competitors can inspire new ideas for billboards. While it is unwise (and usually illegal) to copy a concept, it can help a lot to provide commentary, a funny take, or a strategic design that is aligned with or responds to your competitors. If you check out what your competitors are doing you can also figure out what is effective and what is not, and learn from this. You can then design a strategic campaign subtly directed towards your strongest competitors. Be careful, however, not to flout competition laws – this may get you into hot water!

TIP #4 – Simple is good: Because billboards are observed for only a few seconds you have very little time to convey your information. This means that it is best to use fewer words and keep images clear and concise in order to form a precise concept in a hurry. Don’t duplicate the image with words – rather provide another related message. Usually images are best at drawing the eye, but a funny punchline or impactful commentary on the image can reinforce the message infinitely.

While billboard advertising can be hugely effective, you have to use it correctly, otherwise it is a waste of money and you get very little return on your investment. Apply these tips and you will get it right every time!