5 Tips for Creating
Riveting DOOH Campaigns

A significant software and hardware revolution has occurred in the Out Of Home and Digital advertising landscape.  Campaigns are more creative, better aligned with target markets, increasingly eye-catching, and worthy of holding attention in a multi-screen generation. Fresh possibilities are bursting from the OOH environment and electrifying prospects are abound. OOH remains one of the most cost-effective advertising media around, and there is no stopping it now that digital technologies have had an opportunity to develop.

To impress with your DOOH display campaign, keep the following in mind:

  1. Keep abreast of new technology: While this may sound redundant, digital technology is tremendously fast-paced and nobody can afford to fall behind new developments 

and product offerings. It is vital to pay considerable attention to all new OOH and DOOH technologies, to know how they operate and to know how to apply them efficiently for maximum impact. DOOH campaigns must be energetic, direct, collaborative and pragmatic to snatch attention away from cell phones and other media.

  1. Integrate! Modern DOOH can interact with several digital platforms, and campaigns can be synchronised across various streaming media, creating a multi-layered approach. It can galvanise the audience into delivering feedback and stimulate online discussion to gain traction.
  2. Scale properly: Utilise data to comprehend the audience and scale campaigns accordingly. This does not necessarily mean that a DOOH campaign must be localised. There have been some examples of worldwide campaigns being rolled out simultaneously by companies such as Warner Bros and Xbox. Drive scale larger by using DOOH networks across many territories from a central hub.
  3. Focus on context: DOOH has a high-level impact and a presence that provides an ever-evolving, creative, and dynamic approach with which the audience can identify. This can change mindsets. Data again is crucial, and it is vital to understand market needs, preferences, associations with certain brands and use of social platforms. Results can be targeted directly in real-time to diverse locations, and a call to action at the appropriate time can yield terrific results.
  4. Remain ahead of the curve: No campaign stands motionless. It should be continuously enhanced, and this can only be achieved through a continuous cycle of testing, evaluation, and optimisation.

Over the next year, the entire landscape of DOOH is going to change, and this will help advertisers to stay ahead of their competitors!