5 Tips For Using Location To

Maximise Your OOH Campaign

An OOH (Out-Of-Home) Campaign is designed to create an impact in areas and specially chosen locations where they can draw the most attention. More importantly, these campaigns are created to get the attention of the people who matter.

OOH campaigns have a physical presence that cannot be ignored and often are targeted at the routes and areas in which potential customers frequently travel or interact. So how do you make these facts work for you? Our team at Face First Media has prepared our list of the top five tips you need to incorporate for maximum success of your OOH campaign.

One: Think Outside The Billboard

Mixed mediums are a sure winner when it comes to drawing attention to your OOH campaign. Using 3D elements in your 2D marketing can be a massive drawcard and even an after-the-fact talking point (which prompts word of mouth interaction). If you can creatively incorporate elements of your marketing campaign into your supposedly 2D environment, then you are sure to create a memorable and effective campaign that grabs and holds audience interest.

Two: Audience Based Convenience

This one takes a bit of work in getting to know your target market, but once you know where they’ll be or when they’ll be there, it makes a massive difference to how you see location choices. If your target audience is on vacation, on a seminar, or attending an industry-related conference, then you want your marketing to be there. This means not only using the locations that are close to the business in terms of proximity and relevance but also using those locations where you know your intended audience will be. Make the message travel and remind them of their favourite brand back home!

Three: Disrupt The Status Quo

This is a time for headline-grabbing activations. Change the mundane and expected into an energy-driven touchpoint by introducing unexpected, location-integrated marketing. The right use of this methodology will result in interest and attention from those unfamiliar with the brand, and it will strengthen and embrace the connection shared by those who already love your brand.

Four: Interaction Breeds Relationships

Positive facetime and interaction make OOH marketing so much more than “just advertising”. Use something that is instantly recognisable by the already loyal brand followers or customers, and turn it into the added value they didn’t know they wanted. This includes everything from 3D props to digital interaction (linking this to DOOH) based in a location where heavy foot traffic and social gathering encourages interaction.

Five: Be Iconic

Relate the actual content of your OOH campaign to an iconic location that matters to your target audience. Make it stand out with lighting and intelligent design to catch the eye and become recognisable as something important and belonging to that location. Soon the correlation will become that the brand is important and belongs to the people within that location.

Remember, for every OOH campaign, you will need to consider:

  • Demographics
  • Traffic Count
  • Visibility
  • Land Use Type
  • Proximity
  • Campaign Intent

Use all of these factors with every one of the tips we have suggested above, and you are sure to create an amazing OOH campaign.