How To Choose The Best OOH Placements

OOH media includes advertising tools such as wallscapes, billboards and posters. While some may consider this form of advertising ‘out of date’, you’ll be amazed at the incredible results you can achieve through OOH advertising, especially when you pay careful attention to the placement!

In this article, we’ll give you five factors to consider when it comes to OOH placements so that you can get the most return for your effort and advertising investment.


The number one thing to take into consideration is the visibility of your advertisement. It should be front-facing and preferably visible from various angles so that as many people as possible can view your message. There shouldn’t be any visible interferences such as trees, powerlines, other advertising, etc.

Expected Traffic

You want to advertise in an area where your billboard will get a lot of people passing it. Whether these are people in vehicles, pedestrians, or both. Placing billboards or posters in a quiet area will not bring you the results you’re looking for.

Your Target Market

Before deciding on placement, it would really pay off to do some market research to get to know more about your audience demographics and which areas they live in, shop in, and travel to frequently. This will give you an idea of what areas will effectively reach your ideal customers.

Rush Hour Traffic

Choosing a location that can be seen by those in rush hour traffic will definitely help boost your results as your message will be seen by a larger pool of people. Even if everyone is not your typical customer, you never know who could be looking for what you’re offering.


The last thing you need to consider is your budget. OOH advertising, especially billboards, can be expensive, so you may not be able to afford your ideal placement. It is important to compromise and find a solution that fulfils your needs as well as your budget,

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