Top Reasons To Consider Outdoor Media For Brand Exposure

Outdoor advertising is a highly-effective way to market your business to an audience. What was once thought a dying form of advertising has proved its effectiveness and continues to be a popular solution for increased brand awareness. While digital marketing came in swinging over the past few years, this form of marketing has proven to have its downfalls.

Now, brands of any size can reap the benefits that outdoor media offers – and many there are!
Let us look at several compelling reasons why you should implement outdoor advertising as an effective form of brand awareness below.

High Exposure

Outdoor media differs from radio or TV advertising in that the audience cannot skip the channel, creating direct exposure.

Whether your audience is the early morning movers or the midnight drivers, people are more spacially aware when on the move, naturally observing their surroundings. This observation creates a high level of exposure that is incomparable to that of in-house marketing or TV and radio media.

Reinforcement Within A Media Mix

Outdoor media is a fantastic supplemental marketing resource to your other advertising efforts. Billboards, signage and bus shelter ads offer businesses the opportunity to reinforce their digital, print, TV and radio efforts with something more permanent and solid.

Everyday passers-by will be exposed to these outdoor ads daily, ensuring that the content of the ad sinks in and other ads via different channels become more recognisable.

Increased Market Reach

Reaching a large audience is critical for so many reasons.

Regardless of whether or not your business is niche, it’s always beneficial to be as recognisable as a problem. If you think of it, Apple products don’t appeal to the masses, but everyone recognises them as a massive business regardless.

Outdoor media is one way to achieve total market reach. It is typical that an ad on a billboard will be seen by all foot and car traffic passing through that area daily. Therefore, you will receive high amounts of exposure over a broad market, increasing the chances of becoming a recognised household name.

Increases Brand Awareness

Outdoor media offers marketers the opportunity to build a campaign with a singular strong idea. Conversely, digital or print media runs several ads one after another, which may cause the advertising efforts to become diluted and forgotten in a sea of other ads.

Having one strong campaign can have a massive positive impact in that it’s memorable and garners the chance to increase brand awareness without competing with multiple other ads.

Outdoor advertising is a fantastic way to increase awareness and grow your business. This form of marketing media is a great way to communicate the benefits of your products and services through strong and effective campaigns that stand independently in their environment, seen by hundreds of onlookers daily.

If outdoor media is an angle you wish to take with your marketing, why not reach out? Face First Media will assist with all your out-of-home marketing queries and needs. For more information, give us a call today.