Measuring The Metrics Of
Your Digital Billboard Campaign

Here at Face First Media, we offer the latest in LED and digital billboards to boost your advertising campaign and take it into the future.

Luckily, there are some helpful metrics available with digital out-of-home ads that can assist you in evaluating the effectiveness of your digital billboard advertising campaign.


The first thing you need to know is how many times your ad is being displayed on the digital billboard, either per hour or per day. This crucial metric is essential for understanding how far and wide the reach of your ad is and what kind of exposure your campaign is getting. 

One of the most obvious ways of measuring impressions is to determine simply how many times the ad was displayed in a given time period. 

However, additional technologies can be used to provide more insight. For example, some digital billboards have sensors or cameras equipped to estimate the number of passersby. 

Engagement Rate

Engagement is a crucial metric because it measures the level of interaction with the ad and can help you determine how well the audience is connecting with the content that you’re putting out. 

Various engagement actions can be included in your ad campaign to assist with this, such as asking your audience to scan a QR code, text a keyword to a unique number, use a dedicated hashtag on social media, or call a unique phone number. 

By incorporating these types of trackable elements into your ad, you can more accurately measure the level of engagement to determine how well the audience connects with what you’re putting out. 

Conversion Rate

Engagement is good, but conversions are really what you’re after. This means that you’ve managed to convince your core audience to take the desired action after seeing the ad. Usually, this kind of action would involve making a purchase, but it could also be something like redeeming a coupon. 

Like with engagement, conversions can be tracked using attribution models to connect sales to the billboard campaign. These could be things like calling custom phone numbers, using QR codes, or visiting unique URLs, so that you can determine which sales can be attributed to the digital billboard campaign. 

The important thing is to integrate this with other analytical tools from various sources, such as website analytics, point of sale systems, coupon redemption tracking, and more.

To gain access to the latest technology in digital out-of-home ads, contact us at Face First Media. We offer high-tech LED and digital billboards that can boost your brand’s visibility and yield a strong return on investment.