OOH for Effective
Frequency and Reach

Outdoor advertising, better known as Out-of-home (OOH), increases consumers’ interaction with a brand and is likely to compel them to act. 


In advertising effective frequency refers to the number of times a consumer must be exposed to an advertising message before a response is made, according to Wikipedia. In marketing, there is the Rule of 7. According to this rule, a consumer needs to be exposed to or interact with an advertising message at least seven times before they are likely to act. 


Importance of OOH in Advertising Mix

The Rule of 7 highlights OOH’s vital role in the advertising mix. The use of cross-channel strategies helps to maximise reach and retarget customers. This means that your audience is being exposed to your brand on different mediums for your brand to get to the Rule of 7. 


Using cross-channel strategies means a consumer is exposed to your brand through different mediums which means the effective frequency can be reached quicker than only using one advertising channel. A consumer may, for example, see your brand on social media, television and hear about it on the radio. By seeing your brand again via OOH, you are one step closer to effective frequency. 


Reach and Frequency 

Reach is defined as the total number of different people exposed, at least once, to a medium during a given period. In advertising reach without frequency equates to a failed marketing campaign and a waste of money. 


Effective reach is defined as the percentage of the targeted audience that is exposed to a particular advertisement during a specific period that leads to the purchase of a product or service. When developing an advertising campaign, thought must be given to the importance of reach and frequency for the specific campaign and how to maximise either one of them. 


Reach is usually maximised in an advertising campaign when launching a new product or service. It can also be maximised to improve sales or when focusing on a specific promotion. 


Frequency is usually maximised to ensure exposure to a certain audience. Brands that want to establish themselves will also maximise frequency or to improve trust in their brand. 


All advertising campaigns are unique because of amongst other things the medium used, the location, the impact and the product or service advertised. Reach and frequency will thus depend on these factors and the execution of the advertising campaign. 


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