OOH and Storytelling

Out-of-home (OOH) or outdoor advertising is one of the oldest forms of advertising but thanks to technology and changing behaviours it remains one of the most successful advertising platforms.


Digital Transformation 

The digital transformation gave rise to digital out-of-home (DOOH) media which includes digital billboards as well as screens that are found in places such as malls and other businesses. Digital billboards give advertisers the possibility to update their advertisement much easier. This makes it easier to run new campaigns and to advertise at peak times. Digital billboards also allow advertisers to be highly creative seeing that they can use videos, moving images or live streams in their campaigns.


Creativity and Out-of-the-box Ideas 

Storytelling is one of the big trends for 2020 and DOOH enables advertisers to engage customers even more with creative out-of-the-box ideas. Stories help people to remember something and a riveting story even more likely so. Storytelling helps brands to stand out from the competition by making their brand more memorable and by doing so gaining a competitive edge.


With OOH and DOOH the trick is to tell a story in only a few seconds as consumers are generally only exposed to this form of advertising for a few seconds. They, however, are very likely to be exposed more than once.


In marketing, there is the Rule of 7. According to this rule, a consumer needs to be exposed to or interact with an advertising message at least seven times before they are likely to take action. With storytelling, a memorable story can lead a consumer to take action quicker.


The concept of telling a story in parts with OOH and DOOH is also very popular. Here a consumer sees only one part of a story one a billboard or screen and has to wait for the next billboard to see another part of the story. Or even wait a day or two to see another part of the story. This helps to build a climax for the story and to hopefully make it more memorable. It can also serve to build a story character.


Creativity and out-of-the-box ideas are key to storytelling. There needs to be innovation and engagement. A consumer must be able to connect with the story for them to like and trust it. The story needs to be impactful.


Different Mediums 

Storytelling can also be told by the use of cross-channel strategies. This means the story is being told by the use of different mediums, such as social media, television, radio and then also OOH.


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