Why OOH Should Be
Part of Your Marketing Mix

Out-of-home (OOH) advertising or outdoor advertising, has become much more than a billboard next to the road. 

OOH and digital out-of-home (DOOH) advertising has become a critical part of the marketing mix. Nowadays OOH and DOOH advertising can pop up pretty much anywhere, including cafes, bars, restaurants, gyms, convenience stores, airports and many other public spaces. OOH ads can also be on vehicles such as taxis or trucks. 


The Rise Of OOH 

OOH advertising is thriving by adapting to the times by staying effective, relevant and desirable. A few years ago, OOH advertising was seen as outdated and irrelevant. Today it is the rising star of traditional media and advertisers are rethinking the role of OOH advertisings in their advertising mix.


Adaptability of OOH 

OOH advertising is very adaptable and offers almost unlimited potential for different marketing and advertising needs. OOH’s convergence with technology has made it even more adaptable and with new formats and more space for creativity, OOH is now able to reach even more people. 


An Even Bigger Reach

The technological advances mean OOH now has an even bigger reach. Technology has enabled advertisers to now where people go, what they want to see when they want to see it and in what format they want to see it. 


Cross-Channel Strategies

The use of OOH advertising in cross-channel strategies means advertisers can maximise their reach and target customers more directly. Cross-channel strategies have been proven to ensure that consumers are exposed to or interact with an advertising message and that they taker action. Combining OOH with social media or even television and radio means consumers take note of your brand on different platforms and in different spaces, giving them that push to take action. 


Location, Location, Location

OOH advertising is location-driven. According to research consumers spend more and more time outside their homes. The placement of OOH advertising is key. With the advancement in technology, advertisers can now do so much more with a location. 

It is now possible for advertisers to receive much more information about who is viewing their ads, when they are viewing them and where they are being viewed. This means advertisers can personalize content based on location, time, weather and the day of the week. Location data can be used to improve the efficiency of campaigns.



OOH advertising is the ideal place for creativity and with the rise of data and other interactivity, the sky is the limit.