OOH And Small Business

Out-of-home advertising (OOH) can seem intimidating and out of reach, especially for small businesses, but this is not necessarily the case. 

OOH advertising shares the same physical space as consumers and allows for high-frequency direct communication with audiences. OOH is not just a billboard next to the road but extends to a mix of products such as place-based media and digital displays that create consumer engagement.

Small business owners may be of the view that OOH as a way of advertising is too expensive, confusing or downright just overkill for their business. It may seem that it will be too much of a schlep to decide on the type of OOH advertising, the design that will be used and the locations of the OOH advertisements. 


OOH Won’t Necessarily Break the Bank 

It is just accepted that OOH advertising is only reserved for the big companies who can invest a lot of money in advertising and that small businesses must make use of cheaper options such as social media ads or small ads in newspapers or short ads on community radio stations. 

In some cases, OOH advertising can be very competitive with their prices in comparison with other advertising channels and mediums. Do the necessary research about the different media sellers available to ensure that you choose the right OOH provider platform that is cost-efficient and gives you the best options for your business. 


Why Should Small Businesses Choose OOH?

Consumers are bombarded with information daily. On social media and other channels, consumers have the power to block ads. OOH advertising cannot be closed or blocked like other forms of advertising and OOH has thus become one of the few advertising mediums that can reach consumers where other media channels fail.

With OOH advertising small businesses can reach their geographical area with a lot of impact. OOH advertising also can be used in conjunction with other advertising mediums which means it can amplify a marketing campaign. This will, in turn, extend the reach of the campaign and help drive consumers to engage with a brand.

OOH ad campaigns have become unmissable thanks to creativity and out-of-the-box ideas. Advertisers are using storytelling to connect to consumers and to deliver impactful messages. Many small businesses are all about connecting with their customers on a more personal and deeper level.