5 Best Billboard Practices
to Increase Visibility

While it is a common sight to see billboards next to high traffic highways and stops, we tend to remember some billboards and hardly notice others. Because there are so many billboards on display in certain areas it is important to follow best practice to ensure that yours is the one that gets noticed over the others. Your billboard must make a bigger impact in order to be memorable, and there are some best practices that you can apply to ensure that this happens.

  1. Effective messaging: Remember that a billboard is only seen for a few seconds in high traffic areas, and this means that the message must be highly visual and impactful. There is only so much information a person can take in with one glance, and effective billboards keep content short and to the point. Catchy but short slogans can make all the difference!
  2. Use colour wisely: Traffic light colours tend to work well. Yellow or orange in a traffic light usually warn people to be cautious, and as a result, people are conditioned to take notice of this colour. Text set in red against a yellow backdrop also draws the eye. The contrast between the background and the text also must make the message stand out better.
  3. Choose suitable locations: Often billboards can be obscured by trees or other buildings and can only be viewed from a specific angle. Ideally, you should go and view a few billboard locations before deciding on the final placement. It is also possible to target specific markets with the location – for instance, where there are lots of college students, it may be an idea to advertise stationery, clothing for young people and other products that are relevant to their lives. The billboard provider you use should be able to provide information regarding traffic and types of markets for their different locations, so choose well to ensure that your message gets noticed by the right people!
  4. Using images: While it is quite possible for a billboard that only contains text to get noticed, a picture can tell a story in a very short space of time. The image should relate to the brand and have lots of visual appeal. Don’t be afraid to be unconventional or different when choosing an image. Often drastic images draw more attention than others with less impact.
  5. Announce sales and promotions boldly: If you are planning a sale or a vast reduction in price, billboards are very useful tools. With this, you only need to use the word “SALE” and provide minimal information about the company. The word itself will draw attention and draw customers to your sale.

For more information on best practices when it comes to placing and designing billboards, speak to our team of professionals at Face First Media!