Harness Your Display Power With Billboards

Most marketers would think that it is virtually impossible to advertise a brand and make an impact in less than 5 seconds, but this is exactly what billboards do. In a very short space of time, they get through to potential consumers and create an awareness of a brand, service or product. The first rule of advertising is usually to get a brand exposed to as many potential customers as possible, and this is why billboards are one of the most commonly used types of advertising around.


A billboard is able to make an impact on the subconscious and conscious mind of a consumer, which will usually include anybody who drives, cycles or walks past it. Of course, the positioning and the design of the billboard are of utmost importance in order to increase its display power. Because people can easily recognise and comprehend visual images and slogans, it is possible to send a message within a few seconds. This means that only one well-placed billboard is needed to expose the brand to an audience of thousands, and they will become more familiar with the product, service or brand every time they encounter it.

New technology now includes digital billboards that display moving images or various images consecutively. These are particularly effective at high traffic intersections where vehicles have to stop, or slow areas where there are regular traffic jams. Slowing right down, or waiting for a traffic light to change gives people more time to absorb a longer message, and digital billboards are able to tell a story in 5 – 30 seconds. It is even possible to screen specially adapted advertisements!

The well-documented advantages of billboard advertising include the following:

  1. They are highly visible and noticeable, even to a driver passing them in a few seconds.
  2. A variety of demographics can be targeted, depending on where the billboard is placed.
  3. Information on the billboard can easily be perceived or registered.
  4. Repeated exposure to the potential consumer.
  5. Highly cost effective when compared to other advertising media.
  6. The audience is guaranteed – anyone who uses the road or intersection where the billboard is placed can see it.
  7. Drives sales.
  8. Draws customers to the brand, and not the other way around.
  9. Highly effective at launching new products and promotions.
  10. Increased presence and recognition of existing brands.

When it comes to advertising media, the display power of billboards is hard to beat. The next time you are looking for a cost-effective advertising medium, choose a well-placed billboard from Face First Media!