The Importance of
Outdoor Advertising

People are constantly on the move and they are now spending more time travelling in vehicles than ever. Because they find themselves in transit so often, they are exposed to vast landscapes and can observe more outdoor advertising. This brings a great opportunity for outdoor advertising, and various means and ways of outdoor advertising has sprung up over the last two decades. Billboards are especially effective because they are large, stand out above cityscapes, and can entertain travellers and to create familiarity with a brand. Brand recall, in turn, results in better sales, and sales lead to repeat customers and a better bottom line.


Outdoor advertising has been used for centuries, and the first billboards appeared around 1860. Over the last fifteen decades, billboard technology has developed tremendously, which have made them more attractive and more effective. Modern billboards are digital and have many advantages such as 3D graphics, the ability to show different advertisements at different times, stand out above other billboards. Printed billboards, however, are still used all the time, and this speaks to their effectiveness in getting a message across.


The ability to appeal to a wide audience that is mobile has various benefits. Commuters get bored while they drive and like to observe the environment around them while driving. Most people in cities commute to work daily and this makes them particularly receptive to messages aimed at them via outdoor advertising. If your outdoor advertising or billboard is well-placed, your message will be exposed to thousands of people daily. One can usually find out from outdoor advertising companies how much exposure certain locations will provide.


One of the main reasons outdoor advertising and billboards are still used so frequently is the high return on investment. Compared to other advertising media such as television and print, billboards are relatively cost-effective, and they make a large impact if positioned well. Although the manufacture of the billboard can be costly, the return on the investment once it is up can be garnered from the exposure it provides for the brand, and this exposure remains until the billboard is taken down. Of course, it goes without saying that any outdoor advertising must be placed in the correct locations, and the price of these locations will largely depend on the amount and type of traffic it is exposed to.


If you are looking for a cost-effective way to advertise your brand, outdoor advertising and billboards are the way to go. Contact Face First Media for more information about our locations around South Africa.