The Pros of Using
Billboards for Advertising

Most people who have journeyed on a long road from one location to another have at some stage been stirred into action by a billboard announcing a rest stop, restaurant, or gas station. For instance, a billboard that displays a delicious-looking burger and an ice-cold drink and says, “Turn right at the net exit to bag Bobby’s Burger!” immediately calls to the person who needs to break the monotony of the drive or one who likes the look of the burger. In cities, these types of billboards are commonly spaced closer together to indicate the presence of a business or establishment. More billboards are located in places where traffic moves slowly, such as bottlenecks, traffic junctions and airport turnoffs. This provides the driver and passengers to peruse the message streamed to them via the billboard. If advertising media could be seen as a family, the billboard is the energetic uncle that does not visit very often, but when he does, he immediately captures the attention of everyone in the room. This makes him stand out, and because he stands out, he becomes memorable. Such is the power of the billboard.


Other pros you can expect when using billboard for your advertising campaign include the following:

  • Cost-effective: Billboards provide an outstanding return on investment. Compared to other advertising media it is inexpensive but just as effective. The placement, design and location all have an impact on how effective the billboard is, but modern science and advertising studies have honed the skills of billboard companies to pick up the best locations and to design a top-notch billboard that gets noticed. They are especially useful for small businesses with small budgets because they pack a lot of punch for relatively little money.
  • Large: Because billboards are tall, wide and large, they stand out above the landscape, which makes it easy for them to grab all the attention and stick in the memory of those who they impact.
  • Targeted audiences: While some people consider billboards to be a very general and unscientific advertising medium that targets a wide but irrelevant audience, they cannot be more wrong. It is indeed possible to appeal to specific target markets or demographics. Location and design are very important factors here, for instance, a brand new young sportswear line could be featured outside a gymnasium or sports club, or a luxury vehicle brand can be featured near an exclusive golf club or in a high-income neighbourhood.
  • Multiple exposures: Most marketing campaigns need a ‘multiple touch’ approach in order to be effective, especially when the brand is new. Billboards are highly suited to this kind of approach because they can provide a number of exposures before the call to action is made. Repetition reinforces the concept to market the brand effectively and deliver results.


There are many other reasons why businesses choose billboards and outdoor advertising to market their brands. For more information speak to our experienced team at Face First Media!